This article describes how the game type "DDRace" works.

Target of the game

As the name already says DDRace is a race. The target of the game is to reach the finish line. But in contrast to other races you can't reach the finish alone. DDRace requires teamwork! The success does not only depend on how good the single players are, but also how good they are in playing in a team.Once a tee reaches the finish line his time will be saved by his name and whenever the player enters the server again his old time will be displayed.


Because in DDRace you don't play versus other players, the difficulty of the race does not depend on the skills of human opponents but on the difficulty of single challenges on the map. To allow the mapper to create many different and exciting challenges there are many special game tiles in the DDRace mod. The most outstanding and typical for DDRace is the freezer. In DDRace tees can be frozen. Frozen tees can not move shot, or hook. That makes them dependent on the help of other tees.


The normal weapons you may know from Vanilla are modified in DDRace. Of course they don't do any damage to other tees and also not to yourself. You also don't need ammunition to use any weapon. All Weapons have different effects:

Hammer: Except of the damage the hammer has the same physical effect as in Vanilla. Additional you can unfreeze other frozen tees with it instantly by hitting them.

Pistol: The pistol does not have any direct effect in the game. It is often used to aim at tees or points in the map.

Shotgun: The shotgun does not shot any bullets like in Vanilla. It has a pulling ray. When a shotgun-ray hits a tee it will be pulled into the direction from where the ray came.

Grenade launcher: The grenade launcher has the same physical effect as in Vanilla except of the damage.

Laser gun: The laser gun has an unfreezing ray. Whenever this ray hits a frozen tee, it will be unfrozen instantly.


Tip 1: Don't block. Often the race progress is being delayed by blocking players. And only a part of them does it on purpose. Note: When you dont know what to do in a challenge, try to stay away from the action. Find a place from where you can have a look at the other tees without blocking them.

Tip 2: Most communication in DDRace is not via chat. Watch the behavior of other tees. Teeworlds allows to show very different expressions. Observe other tees and try to understand what they want from you or others.

Tip 3: Don't leave anyone. Often a group of racing tees fails because everyone tried to do the challenge alone. One by one fails. You should always help first when there is a tee that needs help. Leaving stuck tees behind could be a fatal fault, because that tee could be the one who resques you next time.